Gerda Snedronninge

Winter Queen


Gerda’s Mask is that of a fairly ordinary-looking Scandinavian woman: she’s pretty, but not strikingly so. Her face is youthful, almost childlike. She has rich brown hair, pale skin, and a thoughtful look in her eye. Her skin is cold to the touch, and she smells a little odd — almost…musky?
In her mien, winter shines through. Over the years, and as her Mantle has grown, Gerda’s body has slowly turned from merely cold and pale skin to absolute ice. Her body is almost see-through — distorting the view — and her hair is silky, dripping icicles. When she first came back from Arcadia, Gerda had little fawn horns; as an adult and queen, her white horns are fully grown, so large they should by rights bow her head. Instead of feet, she stands on two hooves, which adapt to season in the same way reindeers’ hooves do. Her eyes change color as seasons pass, too, from gold in summer to blue in winter. Even in summer, she always seems to be perfectly cool.


Gerda Snedronninge

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