The Freehold

There is a nondescript four-story brownstone in Brooklyn, near Prospect Park, straddling the border of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace. The brownstone was purchased shortly after its construction and has rarely transferred ownership since — every six decades or so. None of the floors are rented out.
In its backyard is a small greenhouse that leads to a garden in the Hedge where goblin fruits are cultivated. The building itself is home to the freehold’s communally shared resources, as well as a number of rooms where newly arrived changelings or ones in trouble can stay for a while. The top floor is merely one big room where meetings are held. The basement houses the freehold’s archives, traditionally cared for by an Autumn changeling; Belle Carnahan serves as the librarian and seems to intend to continue during her season as monarch.
All members of the freehold have keys to the front door and to the gate, so that they can access the greenhouse Hollow if need be. The seasonal courts own houses nearby as well that the monarchs reside in year-round.
How does the freehold make money? The changelings own some local businesses, changing every so often to reflect the character of the neighborhood (and thus remain lucrative). One owns a restaurant. Another owns a toy store. A Lost couple run a coffeeshop right by the subway. While the owners certainly get to keep a great deal of their profits, this makes enough money that the freehold can maintain itself, as well as offer financial help to members in need. (A number of the businesses’ employees, too, are changelings — but just as many are unwitting mortals.)
A majority of members do not live in or near the freehold’s brownstone, but elsewhere in the city. It’s recommended that they live within an hour’s travel to the freehold, but this isn’t enforced; after all, in New York, you take apartments where you can get them.


Spring Revel (spring equinox)

Homecoming (anniversary of Ophelia’s return)

The Shikar (June 21)

Midsummer’s Yield (July 20)

Feast of Strength (August 31)

Fall Fair ()

Hunt of Leaves ()

Winter Market (week before winter solstice)

July at Christmas (December 24)

Embers to Ashes (first heavy snowfall; failing that, winter solstice)

Winter Formal ()

The Freehold

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