Charlotte Ariel

Spring Archivist


Archivist: It is possible that the title of Archivist, with its connotation of dusty tomes and lonely libraries, was chosen for the Spring Court as a sort of tongue-in-cheek bon mot. Certainly it seems an inappropriately dull nomenclature for those tasked with planning parties and organizing celebrations. However, for those who know in their hearts that such festivities are more than an excuse to run amok — that they are the first and best line of defense against the encroachment of the Others — the title holds a great deal of serious meaning. Archivists are responsible for remembering all of the traditional celebrations and all of their vital details, including timing, location, necessary participants and important related activities. Furthermore, they also must continually come up with new and interesting ways to bring those sometimes-ancient celebrations into being in such a way that they are constantly evolving without ever losing their potency or import. Many, although not all, Spring Archivists are Magistrates of the Wax Mask. The title’s role overlaps with, but is not the same as, that of the Noble Order. Where the Magistrates are most concerned with the maintenance of a freehold’s pledges and responsibilities, the Archivists hold as much (or more) import on the social traditions of the group. Planning a Latina Lost’s quinceanos celebration may not be vital to the turning of the seasons or be tied to any particular freehold pledge, but to the Archivist, the celebration plays a vital role, both for the young girl and for the community, and it deserves all of the attention and expertise the Archivist has to offer it.


Charlotte’s long white hair always seems blown back as if by an invisible breeze, and it’s translucent at the ends. She stands tall, with a dancer’s grace and a runner’s dedication to being in movement at all times. Her eyes are white, like clouds, and her skin is a clear, bright blue like a spring sky. Her breath is cool and brisk, and smells like an early spring wind.
Her Mask is overall similar to her mien, except in coloring; her hair is wavy and restless, but a honey blonde, and her skin is a normal color with the slightest blue tint, which most would attribute to iron deficiency if they stopped to think about it.
Charlotte never seems to stop moving. Before she was taken, she was a debutante, and she doesn’t seem to have lost the touch; in fact, she’s even more manic than she was before. She’s energetic, and being around her is invigorating. She’s fashioned herself as the freehold’s point of first contact for newly-arrived changelings, and often takes it upon herself to give everyone the welcome tour (subtly repping the Spring Court all the while). She never seems to be totally still, and doesn’t like to be in rooms where there are no or closed windows.

Charlotte Ariel

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